4 Reasons Why It’s Best To Hire Audio Equipment Installers For Your Home Theater

Thanks to easy access to online how-to videos and manuals, you may be tempted to put in your own home theater sound system. Don't. While you are happily humming away on your project, thinking about how much you have saved, you may actually be putting yourself - not to mention your wallet - in harm's way. Here are four reasons why it really does pay to hire professional audio equipment installers instead of tackling the home-theater job yourself. Read More 

Articulating Borescope For Automotive Engine Inspections: How To Prevent Your Device From Getting Damaged

If you are a mechanic, you probably do a lot of automotive engine inspections. In the past, mechanics often took apart engines so that they could find out what was wrong with them, but as you know, that can require a lot of time and labor. With an articulating borescope, you can check out engines and look for most problems without having to take the engine apart at all, which can obviously be helpful in your day to day job. Read More 

5 Creative Ways To Bring Clients To Your New Recording Studio

Building a recording studio in your home or in an office space can be a great way to advance your music career, but it can also be expensive. Allowing other musicians to pay you to use your recording studio is one way to offset that cost, but there are other creative uses for your home recording studio that can help to offset that cost and allow you to focus on making music, not paying bills. Read More