5 Creative Ways To Bring Clients To Your New Recording Studio

Building a recording studio in your home or in an office space can be a great way to advance your music career, but it can also be expensive. Allowing other musicians to pay you to use your recording studio is one way to offset that cost, but there are other creative uses for your home recording studio that can help to offset that cost and allow you to focus on making music, not paying bills.

Children's recording party. Parents are always looking for unique party ideas for their kids and their friends. Make your studio bright and colorful, have plenty of audio tracks to sing along to, and include some prompts for silly storytelling and you can set up a recording experience geared towards children that will keep the kids, and their parents, coming back again and again.

Spoken word recordings. As podcasts, recorded histories and audio books become a much more common mode of expression, many people are looking to improve the quality of their spoken recordings. Often, preparing a spoken word environment is as easy as having comfortable chairs, multiple mics for interviews and conversations, and quality audio capturing software for anyone Skyping into a recording.

Video recording. Video blogs, relaxation videos and how-to videos are all becoming a popular way for people to increase their social media presence. Offering a simple camera setup with quality sound recording equipment could be an easy way to bring in a different crowd to your studio.

Music videos. Taking the step from music recording to music video recording can be quite simple. Once you have a quality video recording system, add a few extra cameras to capture different angles, add some interesting design elements to your studio and you should be able to easily produce the live-recording-in-a-studio style of music video that is so popular right now.

School projects. More and more schools are looking to introduce their students to the fundamentals of multimedia work. Reaching out to local schools to let them know that their students can have reasonably priced access to a high quality recording studio can be a great way to participate in the community and gain notoriety for your studio. If you can add some simple video recording equipment, the possibilities for different types of school projects will grow quickly.

A recording studio is a great place for you and your clients to produce music, but with a little creativity, it can be so much more. Contact a business like Poll Sound for more information.